Periodic rollout of new fabrics to provide customers with new innovations
Jeng-Lion will roll out dozens of new fabrics every year, enabling its customers to have the latest trend information. Not only can customers gain inspiration for its new season products from the new fabrics, customers can also request for samples
More comprehensive ranges of products to choose from
Jeng-Lion Company Ltd. is known for its 40 years of professional experience in the textile industry and a profound knowledge of a wide range of production methods (such as water-jet loom, shuttleless loom, circular weft knit, warp knit, rapier, traditional shuttle loom, Jacquard loom, air-jet loom) manufacturing and R&D. The traditional fabric merchant will limit clients to a specific type of product, whereas Jeng-Lion helps broaden the client’s knowledge about textile diversity by offering comprehensive ranges of selections and one-stop service.
Professional R&D team with the expertise to produce fabrics that suit your needs
Other than developing its own fabrics, Jeng-Lion Company Ltd also welcomes customers to co-develop new fabrics. Moreover, the team will also provide feasibility evaluations and professional R&D reports upon confirmation of collaboration.


As the textile production requires tedious and complicated manufacturing process ranging from petrol extraction,plastic welding and melt spinning, spinning and textured processing, weaving, dyeing, finishing and post-processing etc, the standard of textile products is usually determined by the labor quality in the place of production. An error that occurs during the labor-intensive production process can cause a defect in the finished product. To ensure the products and manufacturing process reach the highest level of excellence, Jeng-Lion keeps the entire textile production in Taiwan for the premium labor quality.

Greatest value at competitive rates
In terms of service, quality and outcome, Jeng-Lion‘s products come with the greatest value at competitive rates. In addition to the preliminary quotes of the products, Jeng-Lion offers negotiable rate for the client’s big order. Since production cost is determined by the quantity of production, it is necessary for Jeng-Lion to reflect the low cost of mass production’s onto the rate as the special reward to the clients.
Computerized system ensures speedy product delivery of diversified range of products even if the customer order is small
Jeng-Lion’s production and stock availability are managed via a computerized data system. Before production, Jeng-Lion will first check the availability of stock via computer and will then seek the possibility of adding an additional production to the production line. The client can place a small order and receive fast delivery if the aforementioned conditions are permissible.
3-Year Stock Guarantee
Jeng-Lion is deeply aware that it takes some time to achieve confirmed orders from customers for new fabrics, therefore to give customers more assurance, Jeng-Lion commits to a 3-year stock guarantee for customers, even if the order quantity is small.

To participate in exhibitions abroad

To participate in exhibitions abroad